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Get the motivation you need for yourself or your staff with Clarence A. Mason Enterprises traveling out of St. Louis, Missouri. Our motivational speeches and radio show will leave any listener ready to take on anything.


We are a leading provider of media services, and take great pride in our motivational, spiritual, economical and social speeches, inspirational presentations, radio talent, research, and book publishing services. Clarence A. Mason Enterprises is changing the way people think about doing business and how they interact with their families, friends, and the world. Clarence has trained, educated, taught, and reached thousands with his messages of hope for the future and empowering individuals over the years, helping to shape a generation of driving forces for positive changes.

Radio Show

Our radio show will bring you regular news updates and information. The best way to find us is online at Speaker, where you can find our latest podcasts, as soon as they’re ready to go.

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We deliver exciting, energetic and powerful presentation in three main areas. Spiritual, Economical and Social.

Mason Weaver Unkeashed

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Wow, I can't remember how long I have enjoyed hearing Mason speak, but it's many years. Anytime that I am planning an event, Mason is the first one I turn to. Mason and I have traveled to most parts of NC and many times I have invited Mason to speak at events in DC. I currently serve as Senator in NC. Prior to that I served as NCGOP vice chair, many positions in the Federation of Republican Women, and Grassroots coordinator for FreedomWorks. In each of these capacities, Mason has always rushed in when called, and delivered the show stopping speech at my events. He has, what I call Masonisms ready in an instant and those are priceless. If you haven't had the pleasure of hearing this patriot speak, it should absolutely be at the top of your bucket list.

Dynamic Communicator

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Mason is a very passionate motivational speaker. He is well versed on his captivating and compelling topics. Mason delivers!

Stallion Road Ranch

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Mason and I have been friends for over 20 years now. I met Brynda, his beautiful wife, and Mason during my time as a field representative for a local assemblyman here in SoCal. I own one of his first editions of It's Okay to Leave the Plantation! The truth he speaks and the spirit of his message is one more Americans need to hear. Will he rock your socks? You bet he will! For the good of your family and friends and our wonderful country.

Track Record of Public Speaking and Talk Shows

• 2000 California State Assembly Candidate
• 2010 California Congressional Candidate
Radio Talk Show host
• KPRZ San Diego Ca
• KCEO Carlsbad Ca
• KOGO San Diego Ca
• Syndicated on Truth Radio Raleigh, NC
Television commentator, community service, columnist
• 700 club (4) with Pat Robinson
• Politically Incorrect with Bill Maher February 27, 1997
• Fox and Friends
• Candidate for State Assembly district 74, San Diego County 2000
• Candidate for United States Congress 54 district, San Diego Ca. 2010
• News Paper Opinion Writer San Diego County North County Times and The Fallbrook Village News Author of 5 books including The Rope, Diamond in the Rough and Polishing the Diamond in the Rough.
Films and documentaries
• Indoctrinate U
• Emancipation Revelation Revolution
• Run away Slave
• The Power of forgiveness, the Mason Weaver Story. v=BRj02r2xiK8

Author of five books including

• The Rope, Diamond in the Rough, Polishing the Diamond in the Rough and Tribalism.
It’s ok to Leave the Plantation

Major speeches in:

• Team Building
• Negotiations
• Science of Motivation
• Community cooperation

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